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The Cannes film festival is basically dead this year

Just last week, officials for the Cannes International Film Festival made an announcement that its event would either happen in person or not at all. The idea of hosting the festival digitally was so far removed from the picture, director T...


The Cannes Film Festival will happen in person or not at all

With the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the world, the film industry is in a state of flux across every possible facet, the festival scene notwithstanding. The Cannes Film Festival is arguably the biggest-name in the prestigious circuit of in...


Review: The Wild Goose Lake

The Wild Goose Lake is the kind of movie you’re probably going to know you’ll enjoy before we even see the first shot. Titles playing over black, a prominent, sleek score crashes in. Then, when we catch our first glimpse of Diao...


Flixist on YouTube - Top 5 Monster Movies of the 2000s

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is by far the most fun you are going to be able to have at the movies this summer! Why? Because it is basically a battle royale of monsters. It is nonsense, and ridiculous and monsters on monsters on monsters!...


The 2019 Cannes Film Festival announces its lineup

Cannes is one of, if not the most-esteemed film festivals in the modern circuit, hosting the premieres of the hottest, most-abstract, "I-don't-get-it-but-everyone-else-loves-it" films and filmmakers in the medium. For its 72nd incarnation, ...


Cannes 2019 will not host any Netflix films

Netflix may be an extremely popular service for watching films, but the old guard of critics and film institutions haven't taken to it. With the company making a push into producing exclusive films, a lot of walls are starting to be erected...


Guy Ritchie is going back to his English roots

Fans of Guy Ritchie's early works, rejoice. The acclaimed director is taking things back to the gritty streets of Jolly Ol' in Toff Guys, a movie centered around a druglord and fast-talking Brits set to be shown at the upcoming Cannes Film ...


Netflix is in the market for a gently used movie chain

Netflix is set to release 80 movies this year, and by virtue of "something has to stick," at least a few of them are bound to be noteworthy. Add their shows to that and Netflix is spending $8 billion on original content, an amount with wh...


Netflix and Cannes are breaking up

At this point, the saga between Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival feels like a relationship gone sour. The honeymoon phase has passed, and while the latter wants things to stay the same, the former wants to try something new and exciting...


Palme D'Or winning The Square coming to theaters October 27th

It is unfortunate that over here in America we rarely get to see entrants in the Cannes Film Festival in theaters outside of the yearly American entries and if we're lucky the Palme D'Or or Un Certain Regard winners. I guess this year we ca...

I Am Wrath photo

Saban Films picks up Travolta's I Am Wrath for NA

If you're an older actor right now then you basically have to be making an action movie/revenge movie where you kick a lot of people's asses with your special skills of ass kicking. The latest to join the pack? John Travolta with the Chuck ...


Gasper Noe's Love to Cannes

Cannes-talk continues, as Thierry Frémaux has announced a few new additions to this years official lineup, where Gasper Noé's Love finally sees its world premiere sans-Competition.  For many - me included - the Argen...


Cannes Film Festival Jury is set

For those who care about the happenings at the Cannes Film Festival, the past few days has been very exciting. Late last week parts of the official program was unveiled, and today the members of the jury has been made public.   As...


Cannes Film Festival lineup unveiled

There was a press conference in Paris earlier today, where Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Fremaux and president Pierre Lescure unveiled the official lineup for this years festival - where we can find established auteurs, as well as n...


Alfonso Cuarón's Forsaken is a prequel of sorts to Gravity

Want to get your new movie attention at Cannes outside of the fact that it's being made by Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonas? Do everything you can to connect it to last year's smash hit Gravity including calling a prequel when it rea...


Western The Salvation gets a trailer

It's always interesting to check out a Western by a director who isn't American. The genre is so ingrained in American culture that seeing it tackled from an outside perspective is always interesting. This one will be Dutch as the trailer ...


ABCs of Death 2 is in the works

The ABCs of Death was an interesting experiment as far as anthology horror movies go. Despite some great entries by Marcel Sarmiento (D is for Dogfight), Xavier Gens (X is for XXL), and Lee Hardcastle (T is for Toilet), the film was a bit o...


The Great Gatsby as opening film for Cannes Film Festival

The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann, has been selected to be the opening film at this year’s 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Hopefully it will include less awful music than the first trailer and the second trailer! Cast members from...


Trailer: Amour

Amour, by director Micheal Hanake, just won the prestigious Palme d'Or - the top overall prize - over the weekend at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Judging by this trailer, it looks contemplative, painful, and seriously haunting. Right ...


AMC to distribute On the Road

Perennial hipster bible On the Road took about sixty years to adapt, but now that it has been, it will see distribution courtesy of AMC Networks, under labels IFC Films and Sundance Selects. The film, in competition for the Palme d'Or ...


On the Road might be on at Cannes Film Festival

It's no secret that Jack Kerouac's On the Road is a sacred tome around my parts. The upcoming film adaptation by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries), however, isn't a sure thing. In fact... things are definitely lacking about the fi...


Trailer: We Need to Talk About Kevin

John C. Reilly and Tilda Swinton play the parents of sociopathic teenager Kevin, played by Ezra Miller. Kevin and his mother have never had a close relationship, and when Kevin does something "heinous," his mother must deal with the afterm...


Trailer: Carre Blanc

Carre Blanc is a French film by director Jean-Baptiste Leonetti. In saying that, the trailer is completely in French with no subtitles. Unfortunately for you, I don't happen to know French. What I do know, however, is that the film takes p...


The Tree of Life gets staggered limited release dates

Following its awarding of the Palm d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the hype for Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life has grown tremendously. Granted, a lot of hype surrounded the film prior to Cannes, but actually winning the Palm d...


Michel Gondry, Audrey Tautou bring the quirk in new film

I like quirkiness and cute girls. You'd be a Liar Liar Pants on Fire if you didn't think Audrey Tautou was the pinnacle of dream girls in Amelie. Throw in Michel Gondry's sensibilities, and you have the potential for a really quirky film wi...


Vincenzo Natali moving forward with Neuromancer

Cult director Vincenzo Natali of Cube and Splice fame looks to have made progress in moving forward with his adaptation of William Gibson's landmark cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. According to SlashFilm, the film has found distributors at Can...


Lars von Trier jokes about Nazis, gets banned from Cannes

Lars von Trier, director of the film Melancholia, has taken his controversial nature one step too far, as far as the coordinators of the Cannes Film Festival are concerned. Yesterday morning, at a press conference about his latest film, von...


Trailer: Iron Sky

Alternate history narratives tend to be really absurd and out there. Iron Sky has no problem sticking true to this tradition. The general synopsis is this: There are Nazis who escaped World War II by flying into space. They plan on returni...


Trailer: Tatsumi

“There’s so much humanity in these stories. What really captivates me is that he’s writing about the human condition.  They’re old tales, but they’re still so fresh,” says Eric Khoo, the director ...


Trailer: The Skin I Live In

The Skin I Live In, or La Piel Que Habito for the Spanish speakers, is the upcoming film by Volver director, Pedro Almodovar. Based on the novel, Tarantula, by Thierry Jonquet, Antonio Banderas gets main billing as Doctor Ledgard. This tea...


Lars von Trier reveals new Melancholia details

Much like a babbling bobble head on a random business channel that spews their confident view on every stock market company in existence, I'm supposed to have opinions on every new film before we know much about it. Not today. Anyone who te...


2011 Cannes Film Festival lineup revealed

The headline films of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival selection have been revealed, with the likes of Terrence Malick, Pedro Almodovar, Gus Van Sant, Takashi Miike, Lars Von Trier and Woody Allen all represented in the main competition. Allen...


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