A superb trailer for season two of What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows | Season 2: Official Trailer [HD] | FX

Season two of the FX series What We do in the Shadows premieres next month, and the new trailer promises more vampiric hijinks. Rejoining the bloodthirsty roommates in their attempt to take over Staten Island (or at least expand beyond the five houses on Ashley Street), the trailer gives fans a glimpse into the upcoming season’s social interactions. There’s the Superb Owl party that’s obviously not for an owl. Laszlo and Nadja hit the open mic circuit, and Colin finds a new way to sate his appetite. We even get a quick peek at Haley Joel Osment, who used to see dead people and now appears to be one. 

Also, don’t forget that a key line crossing over from last season is Guillermo’s bloodline. A young man whose life’s dream was to become a vampire was hit with the revelation that he’s a descendent of the great Van Helsing, enemy of Dracula himself. Guillermo has some serious thinking to do as the trailer hints of his attempt to stay loyal as Nandor’s familiar while simultaneously digging deeper into his heritage with the help of series newcomer Craig Robinson. After a decade of waiting to become a vampire to no avail, does Guillermo make a change?

What We Do in the Shadows returns to FX on April 15th.  

Nick Hershey