Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots have a Need For Speed


Aaron Paul’s award-winning run as the endearingly foul-mouthed meth dealer Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad is soon to come to an end, and in the meantime he has been earning rave reviews for his movie role alongside Mary Liz Winstead in Smashed. It’s therefore a little odd to learn that an actor on top of his game is attached to an adaptation of video game series Need For Speed, alongside the unjustly gorgeous Imogen Poots.

The movie is described as ‘rooted in the tradition of the great car-culture films of the ’70s’ and faithful to the games, although I doubt even fans care about that. Poots will play an exotic car dealer who will no doubt exhibit all the signs of feistiness before needing to be saved at the end by Paul’s character, who is as yet unknown but (and I’m going out on a hunch here) quite likely to be a petty criminal and racer of some description. Director Scott Waugh and screenwriter George Gatins will be providing the requisite car-related street crime shenanigans at a PG-13 level of intensity.

[via THR]

Fascinating fact! Imogen Poots’ middle name is literally Gay. So now you know.