Adam Sandler might ruin Christmas with Grownups 2


I’m going to pull back the curtains a little bit on how these early morning stories get written. You see, I’m writing this when it’s 11:18pm, well past my bed time. Suddenly, I realize that I need to write my story for the morning. And I had forgotten I chose to write about this god-awful piece of news.

Adam Sandler might ruin everyone’s everything with only the mere idea of an idea about a potential Grownups 2. The story goes that Sandler is meeting with the writer of the first apocalypse about ideas for part two. That’s all there is, but in a world already filled with such poisonous pieces of filth like Jack and Jill, that’s too much to handle as-is.

After seeing Funny People, and reflecting on Sandler’s career, I feel like he’s actually become the washed up prick he is in that movie. I mean, I’m sure if he hasn’t been diagnosed with a terminal illness, his career sure has. The guy can be a great actor. Just look at Reign Over Me, Spanglish, and Punch Drunk Love. I want that Adam Sandler back! Not the super villian-esque jerk we’ve had for the past few years. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to bed. It’s 11:30pm, and Adam Sandler stole too much sleep from me.

[via Collider]