Adi Shankar releases teaser poster for the Castlevania series on Netflix


Castlevania producer Adi Shankar has been using Facebook as a hype machine. Years ago he teased the potential series on his Facebook page. Shankar would then take to Facebook to confirm two seasons of Castlevania are in the works for Netflix, both written by comics scribe Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Nextwave). Season 1 will come out this year, with season 2 set for 2018.

Early this morning (or late last night), Shankar used Facebook to share a teaser poster for Castlevania. We’re not sure if this is an indication of the series’ art style, but it is Dracula’s wonky, gravity-defying, video game layout castle. The new Castlevania logo is pretty spiffy, too.

Check out the poster in the gallery. Let us know how you feel about the project in the comments.

[via Adi Shankar on Facebook]

Hubert Vigilla
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