Affleck off The Stand, Scott Cooper in to direct


One of the things that happens when you get cast as Batman is that Batman becomes a major time suck. Affleck now has a Batman/Superman movie to start in, a JLA film to star in (and possible direct) and most likely a stand alone Batman film to star in. That’s a lot of work for anyone, and the first casualty of his new role is The Stand. Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) has now replaced him as the director of the Warner Bros. produced film.

That isn’t the only film that Affleck’s new role is affecting as he was schedule to shoot Live by Night sometime next year. However, that has now been pushed back to some indefinite time slot most likely thanks to his Batmanning. So plenty of losses just to wear the cape and cowl, though he already has an Oscar so I guess there’s no rush.

As for Cooper on The Stand, it could be awesome. The guy has skill and the Stephen King book is one of his best. Hopefully he’s able to crack the thing since both Affleck and David Yates haven’t been able to.

[THR and The Wrap, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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