After the Credits: After the earthquake


On Tuesday, I earthquaked. From the third floor of what my office calls “the tower” I shook, I rattled, and I rolled (I also happened to be on fire). And then I sort of forgot it happened.

While the scars will never heal because there were no scars to begin with, the best we can do is try to remember and avoid just moving on with our lives. Always remember August twenty…what was it again?

Pay tribute to that long forgotten date by reading this recap.

The necessity of visual consistency (and why CGI sucks)
Flixclusive interview with director Keith Bearden
Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Zoe Saldana film?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is rich, goes back to IMAX
Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville will pitch a tent …
Last Exorcism sequel is a thing that is happening
Bond 23 stunt sequence derailed by Indian bureaucracy
LA company acquires Kurosawa film rights
Star Wars gets more alterations for Blu-Ray debut
Disney clears house at Marvel PR
New Releases, week of 8/23/2011: POM Wonderful edition
Toy Story could have been called “Toyz in the Hood”
Pixar’s temp logo for their dinosaur movie is awesome
Universal kills production on Ouija movie
Ed Zwick to direct The Great Wall
Puss in Boots poster has movement and a cat
Netflix Now: Nothing Is Good Edition
Awesome, fan-made Dark Knight Rises poster

Trailers and Video:
Red band trailer: The Family Tree
Trailer: Thelomeris
Two new Martha Marcy May Marlene trailers
OK Go does Muppet music video as adorably as you’d think
Trailer: The Lady
Flix for Short: Portal: No Escape
Trailer: Blackthorn
Watch The Godfather right here, right now, for free
Trailer: Dragonslayer
International Trailer: Drive (NSFW)