After the Credits: Chocolate halloween


I’ve been on a search for Count Chocula for the past week to no avail. It’s not truly Halloween without my chocolatey friend, but it seems like I’ll never be able to find him. Hey, Flixist readers, you know how much cooler you’d be if you sent me a box (or 300) of Count Chocula? You’d be the talk of the town, and not the kind where everybody feels sorry for you, either.

Anyway, a lot of news came out today, including but not limited to Jason Statham possibly joining the Fast and the Furious franchise, an Angry Bird adapation, and a teaser as to what the new Godzilla may or may not look like. Fun fun fun fun.

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Rumor: Is this what the reboot Godzilla looks like?
Angry Birds movie to be full of mythology and innovation
Hansel to get fugly in Zoolander 2
24 movie is still a thing that is happening
David Cronenberg has written a sequel to The Fly
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Veteran wheelman Jason Statham in 6 Fast 6 Furious
You know what the world needs? A Mr. Ed movie

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