After the Credits: Hot jumping beans


Girl, no matter what I do I’m gonna make you love these.

I admit I’m obsessed. Can I promise that I won’t post other videos in the Bad Lip Reading series? I absolutely can not.

Child’s Play, Star Wars, Blobby goodness and much more follow below.

Scared Flixist: Child’s Play
Scared Flixist: The Blob
Star Wars Retrospective: Return of the Jedi

London Film Festival Review: Rebellion
London Film Festival Review: W.E.
AFF Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Win a scary awesome Indiana Jones replica from Tomopop

New Releases, week of 10/25/2011: “Blockhead” edition
Oldman and Bonham Carter offered roles in Akira
Dark Tower films take budget cut, get back on track
Harry Potter and the Incredibly Stupid Moratorium
Netflix expanding to the UK, may run at a loss in 2012
Ender’s Game and Hell’s deep freeze dated for 2013
Heart of Darkness in spaaaaaace!
Spielberg offers unofficial Tintin credits artist a job
Paranormal Activity 3 breaks TWO box office records
Batman remains 1%er, DKR not filming Occupy Wall Street
Moby Dick in spaaaaaace!
New The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Poster
Bad Dads art show: a tribute to the films of Wes Anderson
Washington confirmed for Django, I shrug
Grace Kelly film in the works
Netflix Now: Terrifying CG Animal Edition
Not sure if I want the American B13

Trailers and Videos:
International Trailer: The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Trailer: The Secret World of Arrietty