After the Credits: Ketchup bot


It has the 20th Century Fox theme so it is movie related! I think this is the first time that has ever happened. It also has ketchup so it is tomato related, which is definitely the first time that has ever happened.

If you want to watch the 40-second trailer for the Tim and Eric movie, which is exactly the limit that they can stay tolerable for, you can find that and much more from the mid-week recap. Or you can spend 30 seconds on ketchup bot. Which is way funnier.

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Rest in peace Ken Russell (1927-2011)
Riddick 3 finds pot o’ gold under rainbow
New Releases, week of 11/22/2011: “Gargazaria” edition
Oldboy remake to feature new characters, “darker” ending
Pic of The Lizard (Pez dispenser) from new Spider-Man
Tom Hanks eyes Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts
Fifty Goodies and Fifty Baddies by Robert Ball
Ouija movie not dead yet, getting better
Muppets lifted “Mahna Mahna” from softcore porn
The Raid will see a US release
George Miller working on new Mad Max trilogy, videogame
Martin Scorsese working on British cinema documentary
Harrison Ford is a contender for Ender’s Game
Elijah Wood is a Maniac, all stabbing on girls and stuff
Possible concept art for Amazing Spider-Man’s Lizard
Martin Scorcese taps Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Sinatra
Netflix Now: Murderous Holiday Edition
Daniel Day-Lewis makes a better Lincoln than Lincoln did
Ghostly, colorful Sci-Fi posters by Dean Walton

Trailers and Video:
Watch The Karate Kid in rehearsal style
Red Band Trailer: Shame
Charlize Theron curses in Young Adult red band TV spot
Trailer: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie