After the Credits: My Old Reviews Are Terrible Edition


I started writing for Flixist in May of 2011. The next month, I learned about an upcoming festival called the “New York Asian Film Festival” in the June issue of Chopsticks. Unfortunately, I found out about it two days before it started, so I had exactly zero time to prepare myself. Unlike most film festivals, though, I was able to leech on and start covering it nonetheless. It was my first assignment, and I had to write 10 reviews in two weeks. Trial by fire, right?

Except those reviews were terrible. Looking back I can only really feel shame. At this year’s NYAFF, they once again screened The Unjust, and I had to decide whether or not I wanted to repost my review from last time, and I just couldn’t bring myself to bring it back to the front page. It’s not the worst review I’ve written, but it’s just not very good. None of my reviews from that period are. Well over a hundred reviews later, my writing’s come a long way.

To prove it, I wrote several reviews this week, each one of them making my 2011 NYAFF coverage look like street trash. Hubert wrote some too, which making my current reviews look like street trash. And other staff members wrote things too. It was a pretty light week, what with the fourth of July and all, but there was definitely still stuff worth reading. It can be found below.

This week’s Film Club film, by the way, is The Seventh Seal.

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