Amazon passes on The Dark Tower series


Numerous reports across the web are confirming that Amazon has passed on adapting Stephen King’s The Dark Tower into a series. In development for what seems like an eternity, Deadline is stating that the production company behind the project is now shopping out two different scripts that were intended to be the pilot to different studios.

Things don’t seem likely for the future of this show. Reportedly, Amazon felt the quality of this pilot was not comparable to its Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series (both of which are still in production). Because of this lack of polish, Amazon passed on The Dark Tower in favor of pursuing different projects.

Many consider The Dark Tower an immensely difficult novel to adapt for screens. A failed 2017 film starring Idris Elba came and went and Amazon was doing its best to distance this new show from its theatrical counterpart. In the end, I guess even this smaller-scale take on King’s material couldn’t do the novels justice.

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Peter Glagowski
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