Anna and Rebel are officially in for Pitch Perfect 3


Are you ready to…like…sing again, or something? Sing about stuff competitively, maybe? Look, I don’t know, I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect or its sequel, so I don’t really know anything besides the trailers. But hey, good news! Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are set to officially star in Pitch Perfect 3 (and their commercials), so says Variety!

Kendrick announced her involvement via Instagram and Twitter on Monday. The third film was all but inevitable, with the sequel grossing $260 million in its first month of release – more than double what the original made on its 2012 debut. A third Pitch movie was further not-totally-confirmed last week, when Universal opened talks with screenwriter Kay Cannon to return. Pitch Perfect 3, set to release July 21, 2017, doesn’t yet have a director, but Pitch 2 director Elizabeth Banks is set to produce once again, so maybe she’ll pull double-duty.

[via Variety]