Anna Kendrick to play singing goth role in Pitch Perfect?


Just because I don’t like Glee doesn’t mean I don’t like song and dance; when I was young I watched Sister Act enough times to break my VHS copy, and I’m definitely in the majority when I say Chicago was a great musical. That being said, a plot that revolves around a rebellious goth student with a hidden voice who joins her school’s female a cappella competitive group isn’t something I’d watch unless I was too tired on the weekend to get off the couch.

However, Anna Kendrick could be exactly what this film needs to elevate it to theater ticket status. I was first impressed with her — and others — back in 2007 after seeing Rocket Science, which probably has the funniest cello quote of all time. Then in 2009 she proved her Twilight character was far from her best work as she impressed millions with her difficult role in Up in the Air, which she conquered. A few weeks ago I saw an advance screening of 50/50 and I can assure you she’s here to stay as another serious female actress for the next decade.

Expect my 50/50 review in a few weeks, although for now I can tell you that it started off rough with slightly odd pacing but won me over by the end. If you don’t want to wait for more news on Pitch Perfect, read the nonfiction Mickey Rapkin book it’s based on! See if Borders has it and it might be close to free!

[Via THR]