Annabelle from The Conjuring gets spin-off release date


If you remember The Conjuring, which you may not since it was kind of forgettable, then you probably remember the creepy ass doll Annabelle. As with all dolls who look old it was pretty damn scary and evidently caught on enough to support a spin-off film. That film now has a release date of October 3, which makes sense because Halloween is the same month.

In case you forgot, the doll in the film has a real world basis from the Warrens. It looks a bit different in the real world, but evidently the doll was possessed and attacked someone before the Warrens locked it up in a glass cage of psychic power. 

I doubt it’ll go this route, but I’m hoping the film leads more towards Child’s Play than the film it is spinning off of. Creepy dolls are creepy, but we need more slasher dolls. Besides The Conjuring is getting its own sequel anyway.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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