Backwater brutality highlights the new Swamp Thing trailer

Swamp Thing | Teaser | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

Featuring a decidedly-unheroic or grandiose atmosphere, DC has unveiled a proper look at its upcoming Swamp Thing series, produced by James Wan. It actually looks… really quite good! At least, it strikes me as a really faithful adaptation. Alan Moore’s landmark run on the character in the ’80s, for example, has old ‘Thing squaring off against disfigured nuclear survivors, occultists, and other bizarre and creepy crawlers. Wan’s familiarity with comic books post-Aquaman and his horror roots would indicate a sensible choice on DC’s part.

The new trailer today might come as a shock, following last week’s murky teaser and news of turmoil amidst the production. But here we are, and things seem right as acid rain for Swamp Thing and his merry band of sentient trees.

Like Doom Patrol and Titans before it, Swamp Thing will be exclusive to DC Universe when it premieres May 31st. I should really look into the service; I love the Doom Patrol, and was skeptical about any live action adaptation of their mind-bending mishaps. But apparently it’s pretty good! Hopefully Swamp Thing gets his due, too.