Bane photos, video rise from The Dark Knight Rises set


The Dark Knight Rises is shaping up to be the most exciting film in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. With such a talented cast of actors joining the Nolan’s final Bat entry, it’s no surprise that the level of hype has already exceeded the normal amount such superhero films tend to receive. To fuel the fanboy fire, Batman News has released the first set photos of Tom Hardy in character as Bane. Lacking the polish and gravitas of the final product, Bane doesn’t appear to be all that unsettling or menacing. Then again, the bald head and mask is sure to scare somebody.

You can see the video of Tom Hardy as Bane beneath the cut, as well as the four Bane images in the gallery. The entirety of the behind the scenes photos are located in any of the cited sources.

[via Batman News, via Wick Photography, via Just Jared, video via subaruwrxfan]