Batman fight scene will look better on screen

WPXI - Batman, Bane 'Dark Knight Rises' Fight Scene In Pittsburgh

We have more to show you in what I’m sure will be a never ending flow of stuff hitting the web concerning Dark Knight Rises. This clip, which shows a brawl going on while Batman and Bane duke it out on some stairs, proves a few things that we already knew.

The first is that Batman will fight Bane in this movie. The second is that things look a lot better when not filmed by a crappy camera that isn’t being directed by Christopher Nolan. The third, and final, thing is that no matter how much they want to pretend, a cape and cowl are not easy to move around in. Now that we’ve officially confirmed all these things lets go back to speculating about Catwoman’s costume. I still say the leather isn’t quite tight enough.

We also discovered some captions on what was said during this fight scene between the Dark Knight and his most powerful nemesis in the image below.

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