Beasts of Burden to be adapted into an animated film


When I was a kid, I always thought that my dogs got up to special, Homeward Bound-style adventures when I was at school and my parents were at work. Sadly, now that I’m an adult dog owner, I know that they mostly sit around, sleep, tear up furniture, and bark at the neighbors. Sucks, right? Well, Beasts of Burden is making its way to cinemas, directed by Andrew Adamson of some of the Shrek and Narina movies, as a CG feature. Beasts of Burden is a comic about a team of five dogs and one cat that investigate the paranormal and combat black magic. Yes, it is exactly as awesome as it sounds. It’s also a series that’s not afraid to go for the heartbreak. Then again, I see any dog die, in any medium, and I’m a wreck for an hour.

Beasts of Burden has the potential to be a Coraline-style feature that manages a fun adventure for kids while offering a terrifying display for adults as well. Also, at one point the Beasts of Burden have an adventure with Hellboy, and who wouldn’t want to see Ron Perleman in red makeup surrounded by puppies? If you don’t, YOU HAVE NO HEART!

[Via Collider]