Before his next full-length film, watch Jonathan Glazer’s new short


British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer has certainly abided by a quality-over-quantity ethos. A successful career in music videos and commercials (which continues to this day) gave way to his 2000 feature Sexy Beast, and we were off to the races from there.

2004 gave us the excellent Birth, and then nearly a decade later in 2013 Glazer returned with Under the Skin, partnering him with A24 for a relationship that looks to continue. Continuing that relationship, Glazer’s next film is set to explore the Holocaust in what will no doubt be another excellent film from the director. The untitled film looks to film in Europe next year, meaning we won’t see it for sometime. Until then, we can just take The Fall.

A strange and atmospheric display of Glazer’s narrative and stylistic sensibilities, The Fall should pique the interest of anyone unfamiliar with his work. Fans already acquainted should find themselves even more eager for his return to feature filmmaking.

Watch Jonathan Glazer’s Nightmarish New Short Film ‘The Fall’ [The Film Stage]