Benicio Del Toro offered villain role in Star Trek sequel


J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek sequel starts production in early 2012, and Benicio Del Toro may be in it as the villain. Abrams met with Del Toro to discuss the role and possibly offered it to the actor over the weekend. The weird thing: in order to maintain secrecy, Del Toro wasn’t told who or what he’s playing. (I’m no hardcore Trekkie or anything, but I’m pretty sure we can rule out a Mugato, a Horta, or a salt vampire.)

So now the speculation can run wild about who the bad guy will be in Star Trek 2: Dilithium Boogaloo. Khan or Klingons are both good bets for a big-time action/adventure movie. Bookies tell me the Gorn and the Andorians are for suckers, but the real adventurous types are betting on Del Toro as Harry Mudd, a Samoan lawyer, or a young Clint Howard.

[Via FirstShowing]

Hubert Vigilla
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