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@Sam van der Meer Yo Sam, seriously for next year's PowerCon you should join in the fun man, my buddy in He-man.org are the creator of the con and they'll appreciate new faces there. :)


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Hello! I just picked up Demon Sword on Blue Ray and I cannot wait to watch it!


Hey! So my friend is part of this TV Pilot: Dirty Laundry You should check it out! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dirty-laundry-tv-pilot-diversity#/


Deepwater Horizon was really good! I would probably rate it as my favorite movie this year.


Oh so there's already a narrative in the making that anyone who dislikes Spiderman Homecoming is merely Racist because of Black MJ. Does that mean I can call anyone who disliked Suicide Squad racist now?


My team that I organized and directed won best story in the IFP Phoenix 48 hour short challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I enjoyed the new Star Trek, not the best, but I think it is a very good step in the right direction and is much better than into the darkness.


Saw the new Ghost Busters movie, it was pretty good. But I think the humor and the script needed work, it kind of dragged on toward the end.


Well, this one will be interesting!


Well super excited to see Hateful Eight sometime soon, but does anyone have and recommendations for some good indie films?




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Don't Rage Quit! Best Wireless Routers for Gamers

Whenever you’re game lags and you end up disconnected from the server, you blame your internet service provider. While slow internet speeds are often the case, but the underlying culprit can be your router as well. Even with a d...

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ISP Can View Your Browsing History

Despite privacy concerns, there is someone who can see everything you do online, your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When it arises to connected preference, there are several stages you can take to vibrant your surfing antiquity and ...

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Detective Pikachu Is On The Case!

Detective Pikachu Is On The Case! When the first trailer for Detective Pikachu dropped, I was left speechless. Not because a live action Pokémon movie was made, but rather because of the CGI. It wasn’t bad by any means&md...

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Out of the Box: Who Wants A Film to Fail?

There’s a common sentiment I saw among many detractors of the recently released Captain Marvel film. And it’s not from people who even saw the film (presumably). But a segment Marvel fans who were adamantly against Brie Larson’s “SJ...

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upcoming bollywood movies 2018

Here is full information about upcoming Bollywood movies 2018. Also you can see here Bollywood gossip.

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Tips for the cricket fielding to improve performance

That gets win matches is an exceptionally familiar axiom and this is appropriately said. Ordinarily in a cricket match, the handling level of teams is the deciding variable in the result of a match. A team may have the best betting line up,...

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Why I love Cinema

Recently I had to rethink my current tactics getting into the cinema world. Right now as a semi-pro I have been working on a lot of smaller projects that show off my skills versus going for feature film pilots or web series. I got to wo...

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Best old movies you can watch on Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we ingest our favorite media. No longer do you have to wait weekly for your favorite TV shows, instead, you can devour them on a lazy weekend. No longer do you have to wait for your favorite movie trilogy to pop ...

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6 best TV series on Netflix

My favourite pastime activity ever is to binge-watch a captivating show or a hot premiere of the season, therefore I like to think about myself as a home-grown specialist on TV series. As usual, some of them are OK, others are completely bo...

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My review of Suicide Squad

Baggage check: So before starting this I feel I should lay some of my cards on the table and check the potential baggage I'm carrying into this review that you should know about as this may have impacted my view of the film.1) My wisdo...

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An Upfront Honest Review of The Great Gatsby

So a week ago, I got a glimpse at "The Great Gatsby". Didn't watch the full movie back then, tho, as getting up early for a meeting was my main goal that day. And before you start judging me on my obvious lack of film taste, questioning my ...

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The Future is Looking Pretty Rough!

Many films set in the future display a dark, polluted, overpopulated, social class ruled Earth, which doesn’t actually look very appealing. Below are just a few films set in the near and distant future, that portray a less than idyllic pl...

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James Bland The first three Daniel Craig James Bond films exist as a kind of trilogy, telling the story of Bond’s evolution from blunt killing machine to suave, super-spy. By the end of Skyfall, Bond was in a recognisable place for the fr...

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Don Hertzfeldt�s World of Tomorrow is sublime.

The splendid tragedy of Don Hertzfeldt’s projected future in World of Tomorrow cuts to the core of many sentiments and fears within an individual today. In fifteen minutes he manages to craft a story so thoughtful, funny and sad that...

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The Flixist XCast 3: X3/Origins: Wolverine

Title:X-Men: The Last Stand Release Date:May 26, 2006 (Theatrical) Director:Brett Ratner Writers:Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn Starring:Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Kelsey Grammer, Anna Paquin, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Fam...

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Gratuitous Violence and Awkward Silence!

I had no idea what to expect when heading in to the theatre to watch the Ryan Gosling movie Drive. I had heard it was a terrible movie from some less than reputable sources (namely a couple friends with wildly different tastes in film). I w...

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Post Tenebras Lux

[justify][/justify] Life is cyclical, filled with both blatant and subtle cycles that become manifest as we choose to see them. There are simple ones, simple in that even a young child has a grasp on it: day and night, sleeping and waking,...

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Greetings Media enthusiasts, get to know a new Flixist Associate Editor (me)

Hello you wonderful people that were curious enough to check out my Community Blog! I am Michael Jordan, a late 20's Los Angeles living, geekophlie, that love everything under the spectrum from Movies, Anime, Games, Games about Movies, Conv...

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8th Annual Teaneck International Film Festival This Weekend, My Film's In It!

Hey Everybody! My Thesis Film is playing this weekend Sunday evening during the http://www.teaneckfilmfestival.org/ It's Part of the NJ/NY Short Film Series at 6:15 pm on this coming Sunday, November 17th! If any of you are in the area, I'...

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Short Film: Monster's First Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here's a short film I put together with some friends over the weekend. I could mention a lot of things that went wrong during our run-and-gun day of production but you know what? I'm very happy with how it turned out. Le...

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oggy and the cockroaches

Synopsis[edit] The show centers on Oggy, a content, lazy, fat blue cat, who would prefer to spend his days watching television and eating - if not for the three roaches in the household: Joey, Dee Dee and Marky (named after members of the p...

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Fire in the Sky a Real Story

While browsing the internet a month or so ago I came across some stuff about the movie "Fire in the Sky" (1993). I hadn't seen it since it came out when I was 13, so I went on Netflix and low and behold there it was! The first thing about ...

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The Boston Bat

So apparently Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman in Batman and Superman the Movie: World's Finest. This has set a fire under the collective butts of fanboys who have a ready internet connection and a lot of free time on their hand...

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[img=627x352]http:///ul/user/1/168194-216322-scenejpg-620x.jpgThe story is quite filled with different sort of emotions which we feel throughout the movie. Great work has been done by "ABBIE CORNISH". She was seperated from his son because ...

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Why i would rather have Bay direct the new Star wars.

Now im just gonna come out and say it, im a big star wars fan, i love em, ive seen the original movies a ton of times, ive read the books and the comics (its mostly schlock but some are very good) But i also despise JJ Abrams with a passi...

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Birdemic Review - A.K.A Why I hate Myself and Everyone Forever and Ever

Where were you the last time you started to question whether there was any point to life? If you're anything like me then there's a good chance you were watching Birdemic at the time, and as the minutes crawled by your thoughts started to...

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Man of Steel - My Thoughts

Now I don't want to make this a whining, negative moan-fest about why theMan of Steeldidnt wear red pants or something. So instead of concentrating on the stuff I didnt like in the reboot, Ill focus on areas of the original 1978Super...

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Future Film

[font=Helvetica, Arial, 'Droid Sans', sans-serif][/font] I wrote this a few months ago but shelved it for some reason, but after seeing the news article about David Lynch damning the current state of cinema I thought I'd share it. I decide...

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Presenting the Past: Ups and Downs of Hollywood Prequels

Movie concepts are just like other ideas. They are not easy to come by and even harder to provide a completely unique story line. Maybe that's why we are seeing an influx of movie prequels in Hollywood. Here's a few of my favorites successe...

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Cougar Town - If You Haven't Seen it...SEE IT

In 2001, Bill Lawrence created what would become a hit television series known as Scrubs. Scrubs had the rare mix of hilarity and tear jerking moments. This series lasted for nine seasons. And if ABC would have made the ninth season a spi...

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Few thoughts on Luhrmann's Great Gatsby

Since these are only assorted musings without enough meat (or clean up) to warrant a full feature, I'll put them in a nice little c-blog. I figure this would be a nice way to start a conversation for those who've seen it. I'll try to avoi...