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Man, but I hate saying goodbye

If you listen to The Flixist Show, this is old news, but if you're part of the great unwashed masses that HAVEN'T been saved by our racism and our insanity, then I'm afraid I've got sad news. As of today, I am officially leaving Flixist f...


A quick note on Flixist Film Club

Hey gang! I know a lot of you are looking forward to the next episode of Flixist Film Club, where we'll be discussing Brick. It is still happening! Due to a number of issues, we haven't been able to record. Now, things are settled, so we ...


A Flixist Movie Club Announcement!

<p> So, we are not going to be discussing A Tale of Two Sisters this week. Instead, we're going to be watching the remarkable indie time-travel movie Primer. It is NOT on Netflix Instant, but you can get the disc from Netflix, or your...


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Alex Katz, not to be confused with the famous painter, basically did nothing in college but watch movies, write about them, and try in vain to learn computer animation. One time, he watched the long tracking shot at the end of Children of Men six times in a row. It was basically the best day of his life. He has also written three screenplays that, God willing, no one will ever be forced to read again.