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HUNGER GAMES: A Second Opinion

If your reading this then I'm sure you have already read the Flixist Staff review of the recently released Hunger Games. In my review here I plan on doing just that, you as the reader I'm sure already know the story of this film since it ...


Wanderlust: Review

So this is my first blog review for Flixist. Hope it comes out good! So lets see Wanderlust. We have a couple (Rudd and Anniston) who are trying to establish themselves in New York City by purchasing their first Studio Apartment (Micro F...


Best Actor/Actress Overall Through 2011

With cinemas' biggest night being held in only a couple of hours, I thought of one more writeup that I just had to do before the awards were given out. This one is different then the likes of Best Actor or Actress awards that will be given ...


Ant's Oscar Predictions!

So this is my first official Community Blog Post on Flixist and I’d like to continue writing them depending on how this post goes. After debating for a while what my first topic should be it came to mind that hey Oscar Sunday is coming up...


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