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Cougar Town - If You Haven't Seen it...SEE IT

In 2001, Bill Lawrence created what would become a hit television series known as Scrubs. Scrubs had the rare mix of hilarity and tear jerking moments.  This series lasted for nine seasons.  And if ABC would have made the ninth season a spinoff like Lawrence wanted, instead of wanting to milk the series for more money, fans wouldn't have felt let down, and would of given it more of a chance.  Anyway, after Scrubs ended, he had a new show starring Courtney Cox ready to go.  

Cougar Town made its debut September 22, 2010 and has had its share of ups and downs but has remained a HIT in my eyes.  The shows first season centered around Jules Cob trying to make up for her lost teen years that she spent raising her son, Travis (Played by Dan Byrd) who is crushing on Jules friend Laurie (Busy Philips)  She starts to go clubbing, with her younger friend Laurie (played by Busy Philips) but cant get into it, once she sees fellow real estate agent and slightly older Barb (played by Carolyn Hennesy) out clubbing, violating younger men.  You can see from the first few episodes what a great ensemble cast it is. Between Courtney Cox playing Jules or Busy Philips and Christa Miller playing her two best friends who hate each other.  The icing on the cake of the great ensemble cast is the chracter of Bobby Cobb, Jules ex husband, who drives a golf cart and lives on a boat and is a redneck.  Brian Van Holt is spectacular in this role.  You can feel the love between Jules and Bobby even though they are divorced they share a close-knit bond.  

Season 2 is the beginning of a new approach to the show, and many new titles were proposed but the shows name remaiend the same as seen by the shows title card that usually says "Welcome to COUGAR TOWN" said "(Still) Cougar Town" This season revolved around Travis going off to college and Juls trying to cope while also diving into a new relationship and this new approach to the show was perfectly written, so that it didn't feel like a new approach.  Travis is leaving for college.  Though its only a half hour away, it hits Jules hard and her friends in their own way try to help her.  

ABC decided to cancel the show after the third season, but TBS saw how amazing the show was, and picked it up and the show continued on with a fourth season on TBS.  This show has something for everybody.  It (like scrubs) is hilariously entertaining, but also have the occasional tender moments that bring a tear to your eye.  Don't let the name throw you, give the show a chance and watch a few episodes.  You will not regret it.
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