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Recasting Storm (I DEMAND it) [updated]

With all the talk of the new X-Men film coming around, I was mildly devastated when I found out that Halle Berry would be returning. While I don’t Dislike Halle Berry, for the most part, I do however think that she made a terrible storm. Whether or not it was her fault her character ended up being lame doesn't matter. What matters is we need a new storm.

As a white male american I can honestly say I don’t know the names of very many African-American actresses (I use the term African-American because this is one of the few places where it is actually fitting, considering Storm is from Africa), but with my limited knowledge I think I can start a list of some potential candidates. Here's 4 to get started, feel free to come up with your own.

To start with let me clarify, in order to be Black or African-American for Hollywood, you pretty much just need to have a tan. Just as long as you aren't as pale as myself or the cast of Northern Exposure and you can be considered ethnic. In that spirit, let me unveil my first pick (in no particular order, I just happened to have a lead in with that thought).

Zoe Saldana.
She is no stranger to science fiction or action movies. You may recognize her from such geek films as Star Trek (and the upcoming sequel), and Avatar. She has been in a load of other stuff as well, but for the most part it all sounds like boring crap I don’t care about. Like I said, she was in Avatar where she pretty much was a superhero, at least compared to the puny humans who had to wear exoskeletons and have air-crafts to launch an assault. Do I need to mention that she has several times been on the top 100 hottest women lists, and reaching third place one year? Lets she, she’s hot, she’s not white, she can be a bad-ass, and she is comfortable doing sci fi? Sounds like we got a winner.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have started as Zoe Saldana, because in Hollywood’s eyes she would actually be perfect. Maybe I can stump you with some of my other choices. Moving on from Zoe Saldana, how about another Zoe? Or at least, someone many of us know as Zoe, that right, Gina Torres.

Gina Torres
Ok, my little introduction should have given it away. Most people under 40 should know Gina Torres as Zoe in Serenity / Firefly. I am (slightly) ashamed to admit that I didn't even watch Firefly until I hear about the movie (for shame, I know), but that besides the point. I actually got my first taste of Gina Torres during a little story arc on possible the worst season of one of my favorite TV shows, Angel. She played this being of pure happiness, or something, but was really a slave driver, or something. Whatever, that's not important, regardless of what what her role was, she left an impression on me, she had quite the on-screen presence. I again was blessed with this presence in her few episode of Alias, where she just came off as awesome. If you have seen her in anything I wouldn't see how you could argue with me saying: She can Kick ass, She’s pretty sexy (and in that slightly older MILF way even), when you see her on screen she demands attention. All of these quality would make her an awesome Storm.

Ok, so both of my picks are decently well known, at least in the geek culture (which if you are reading a website about movies, you just might fit into that demographic, sorry to break it to you). Heres one pick that is still slightly a new comer, but this past year has gotten me really excited.

Danai Gurira.
You might be like ‘who the heck is that lady, I don’t know that name’. Well let me drop some TV knowledge, Danai Gurira is the Strong Black Independent Women on The Walking Dead. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go do a Walking Dead Marathon, and pay attention to the last few minutes of the Season 2 Finale, and pretty much all of season 3. She plays Michonne, the samurai sword yielding survivor who probably is the most well adjusted to the zombie apocalypse. She’s got a savage look down, which is something Halle Berry just can’t pull off. If Danai Gurira could become storm, no more would you have a helpless weather witch, you would have STORM, Commander of Weather (and possible some magic), ruler of the Warlocks, and Bride of the Black Panther. This is the storm I’ve been waiting to see in a movie.

As much as I think Danai Gurira would be perfect, she just might be too bad-ass, and make Wolverine not seem as cool. With that thought, let me pick a wildcard, someone who I am sure nobody else has thought of.

Gabourey Sidibe.
Now, if you know who this is, let me explain. If you don’t know who this, you might look at the picture and be like Hell No, storm isn't fat. That's the thing, Gabourey Sidibe is a large girl, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. She is probably most known for the movie Precious, about a magical ring an obese girl whose parents abuse her, her father rapes and impregnates, and her quest to try to get a normal life. That's some serious stuff, and you know what, I actually happened to watch the movie and thought she did extremely well. I also have seen her in the TV show The Big C. While she tends to be a bit more light hearted, she does have her moments where she takes charge, and that's where she shines. When she doesn't have a comical line to give, she has way with line delivery that just works. If she has the right lines to give, I can totally see her being Storm. For her role as Storm to work though there probably wouldn't be too many action scenes with her, but hey if you could fly through the air because you got hammer pants sewed under your armpits that allows the wind to carry you, i’m sure you’d get obese also.

After some ideas by other community members, I have added on to the list!

If you are like me you really don’t know what an Iman is, and seeing a small word with a CAPITALIZED “i” in front of it just seems foreign. But, community members Huburt Vigilla has her as his pick.
After a brief search on these tubes that give me the internets, I can find out that she is indeed ethnic, and indeed female. It turns out she is a hugely popular Saudi fashion model. So she definitely meets a criteria for a hot storm. When other models have turned to acting, I actually tend to like it, and it seems to blend well with science fiction (talking about Milla Jovovich and Tricia Helfer for sure). So not only could she pull of a sweet storm, but this would be a perfect Queen of Wakanda, as her father was a diplomat and former Somali ambassador to Saudi Arabia. See, politics can be fun, especially when hot black chicks are involved.

Up next is Liz Rugg’s pick:
Kerry Washington.
Another name I am unfamiliar with, so bear with me if I get some facts wrong (not to say any other facts are more right, I just will only take blame if these ones turn about to be less than accurate). Alright sounds like this classy lady is most recently known for Django Unchained, which I guess I must admit I still haven’t watched (stop throwing stones at me!), so it sounds like she knows her way around being in an action(?) movie. Based purely on what google images is showing me I am not sure she is as savage as my own picks, but she could probably still pull off a pretty damn good storm. I don’t mean this to sound degrading or to go poo-poo on this pick, but I think this actress would deliver the closest performance as Halle Berry did.
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