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[img=627x352]http:///ul/user/1/168194-216322-scenejpg-620x.jpg[/img]The story is quite filled with different sort of emotions which we feel throughout the movie. Great work has been done by "ABBIE CORNISH".
She was seperated from his son because she was unable to takecare of his son, her son was with foster parents. And she always felt that she only has all the unhappiness in her. Then her father pay her a visit and ask her to get off with her to mexico for just a drive. But while coming back with her dad she found out that her dad was illegally transporting people from mexico to other borders in a truck.
    Abbie Cornish is depicted as thinker in this movie who constantly thinks about everything but was unable to do anything. Then she again went to mexico to meet his dad , perchance he was not at home . So, she was just sitting at some place. Then some mexico guy told her that if she could take people to texas through unauthorized way. He was also willing to pay 500$ for each person. But she refused , then later she had this in her mind and starting finding people who want to go across. 
So, she picked 5 or 6 people but unknowing the fact she asked then to cross the river and in the morning she will come to pick them up. But police found out people crossing the river . Out of six ,three were able to make across the river. A little girl was carried by the other two people. She"abbie" saw the helicopter and immediately rocketed towards them. Surprisingly, a little girl was along with other to guys. Unknowing about the fact the her mother died in that accident. She took the girl along with her and she was having no clue about what she will do.
Then she took that "GIRL"  along with her for finding her mother and helping her out with anything due to abundance of emotional feelings floating into her. But the matter of fact she was finding ways to get rid of little girl. But "THE GIRL" was uttering if u were not there she would never lost her mother. Gradually, the bond between the two started developing and she came to know that in a place called "saun jaun" little girl's grandmother was living. So, she started all her journey with her till both reached her grandmother's place. While leaving a beautiful set of emotions and feeling were shown between "ABBIE" and "THE GIRL".


P.S:- A person who is emotionally balanced must watch this movie because a whole set of wonderful flow of emotions is presented[img=627x352]http:///ul/user/1/168194-216322-627jpg-620x.jpg[/img][img=627x352]http:///ul/user/1/168194-216322-scenefrommoviejpg-620x.jpg[/img]
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