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Why i would rather have Bay direct the new Star wars.


Now im just gonna come out and say it, im a big star wars fan, i love em, ive seen the original movies a ton of times, ive read the books and the comics (its mostly schlock but some are very good) But i also despise JJ Abrams with a passion.

So a few months ago when i heard Abrams was going to direct Star wars 7 i got a cold chill down my spine. Abrams being a wizard of pandering and medocrity made me worried that he might actually make movies worse than the prequals. Why you ask? Well Abrams appears to have no soul. Abrams movies are just as pandering, just as heavy on visual flare above substance, just as poorly writen and devoid of any logic or any form of humanity. Just like George Lucas was  


So who would i rather have make the new Star wars? Michale Fucking Bay thats who. A man whose movies i only feel coldness toward.
Is he has dependant on visual flare plus all the other faults? You betcha, but you know what he has? He has honesty, he has a child like honesty in the way he makes his movies. He finds what he likes, usualy women that look like porn stars and army guys and he throws it together. He is a dude bro who makes garbage, but its garbage with honesty and something you feel is a Bay movie. Unlike how Abrams movies are just an empty pit that eats time and money and devoid of any personal stamp.

Does it ever make sense? No.
Are his movies good? No
Do i think he would be able to make anything that feels like star wars? Hell no.
Do i still want him to take the place of the emotionless cyborg built by a secret marketing department called JJ Abrams? Hell yeah.


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