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Chick Flix Club: Twilight


Bella and Edward's relationship has regrettably abusive undertones. Edward throws Bella around, he tells her what to think and how to act, and always reminds her of how strong he is. But at the same time, he "cannot leave her side" as he's afraid he's going to her hurt her. This comes to a head during the final scenes of the film. When Bella is in the hospital, and you remove all background information and just keep the dialogue and environment, Edward states that he put her there and needs to leave before he puts her there again. It's alarming when she begs him to stay.

I want to discuss the film a bit more, but I feel that the other three (released) films in the saga will allow me to eventually dissect every facet of Edward and Bella's relationship. As a standalone film in the "chick flick" genre though, Twilight centers around a beastly abusive relationship that sends unfortunate messages to the pale Generation Angst with a woman who gives up her life for some dude who just thinks of her as prey.


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