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Gratuitous Violence and Awkward Silence!

I had no idea what to expect when heading in to the theatre to watch the Ryan Gosling movie Drive. I had heard it was a terrible movie from some less than reputable sources (namely a couple friends with wildly different tastes in film). I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be more of a thought provoking movie than anticipated.

When not pulling heists, Driver (Gosling) works at a local mechanic shop making an honest living while stunt driving on the side. When his new neighbour enters his life, unwanted trouble follows closely behind.

Having seen the film in theatres, I was impacted more by the aberrant and loud bursts of action. Most of the movie, although still engaging, was slow paced, quiet and over all soft, so that when Nicolas Refn place these contrasting scenes in, it really changed the tone  of the movie.

Normally I find seeming a movie in theatres a good experience, but not overly important to the film. With Drive however, I find it really makes you realize how quiet and uncomfortable some of the scenes are, and really puts an extra punch behind the action scenes. I hope to get another chance to see it on the big screen.
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