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Red State contains moving pictures

I’m not much of a Kevin Smith fan. I’ve always found his films to work best as a short. In other words, there’s always a good 10-15 minute scene in his films that stand out like a sore thumb from the bore and mediocrity that cover all...


I need to get something off my chest (small rant)

Before I start, I would like to let my readers know that I have no problem with pornography or sex in films. The problem I have is the use of real sex over simulation in films. In recent years films have been using real sex to get some vagu...


Your art sucks!

People are strange, no? Humans love to act superior; it’s a practice that’s been done with race, class, religion, sex, music, and films. I think you know what I’m talking about here: the film goer that lacks the intellect to enjoy bot...


The Tree of Life: Visual Poetry

How can you explain a film that tells most of its story using visuals? Films are first and foremost a visual format. Some films have tested the waters of visual story telling: Enter the Void and 2001: A Space Odyssey are perfect examples of...


Hello! I'm Kind Of Lost. What Is This Place?

Hello, Flixist! I'm VenusInFurs and I have a blog over at Destructoid... Hmmm, what else can I say, let's see? Well, this site is about movies, right? Well, I've written plenty of blogs over at Dtoid, but to be honest: films are my first tr...


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