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The Boston Bat


Right now we have 2 years to wait until this movie is released. Zack Snyder is still working on it and better yet, it is a Superman and Batman crossover tale with Superman as the lead. This means there will be little to nothing for Ben to really screw up that Cavill and Snyder haven't already set forward. Really, sit back and think about this.

Superman is going to be on screen for like 20 minutes to open. Then Bruce Wayne shows up and shit starts getting kinda real for like 20 minutes. Then they team up with big Superman action shots going off for the next 40 minutes and Batman somehow being interwoven inside of them. End credits and Warner Bros. executives begin counting the money.

If anybody is going to screw this film up, it will be the Legendary Warner Bros. split up paired with Zack Snyder's shoot first ask questions later method of film making. Maybe Ben will help out behind the scenes since apparently he can write, direct and has played as both Superman and a character very similar to the role he is in. You never know what kind of weird tricks these AAA movies can bring. So can we stop freaking out and pestering the President about Ben Affleck playing as Batman for this and probably one or maybe two Batman films. Oh wait, and there is also that Justice League film that has been rumored about since 2006. So ummm....there is that as well.

Wait, are we really sure we want to offer this to Ben Affleck?
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