Blood Grinder Double Feature: Blodcasts 9 and 10

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Ten

Two, count them, two Blodcasts this week (totally not because I neglected to post one last week).

Things are getting intense as the Blood Grinder’s bloody path of blood grinding continues! These two installments are some of the funniest yet, so check them out!

Also, the boys discuss Con Air and Terminator 2, why they’re both amazing movies, and how they influence The Blood Grinder. Also, Matt finds himself in quite the predicament.

Blodcast 10 is above and Blodcast 9 is after the jump. Make sure to check them both out and head over to the Kickstarter page and donate!

As always, you can visit their Kickstarter to pledge any amount to help them make the big-budget prequel to The Blood Grinder. For even more info about The Blood Grinder, check out the The Blood Grinder Facebook and Twitter.

The Blood Grinder Blodcast - Week Nine