Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite is a pot waiting to boil in new trailer

Parasite [Official Trailer] – In Theaters October 11, 2019

After premiering to high praise at the Cannes Film Festival this past May, taking home top prize, South Korean sensation Bong Joon-ho’s latest film, Parasite, is all set for its worldwide tour with a new trailer.

Per distributor NEON’s description, the film chronicles two families, the Kims and the Parks. Where the Park family lives a cushioned life of luxury, the Kims are more akin to hustling on the streets for their livelihood. The families intersect when the Kims begin to take on roles of service for the Parks, tutors for the children and other “helping” hands. Living off of the luxury of the Park house, the Kims seem to have struck grifter-gold… until a wrench is thrown into the cogs, of course.

Seemingly a clear indictment of class disparity and the lengths to which people will go to get ahead, Parasite will be Bong’s first Korean-language film since 2009’s Mother, with Snowpiercer (2013) and Okja (2017) having kept him busy with international projects.

Poised to be one of the major foreign films to receive a “big” release this Fall, and perhaps an awards push come the Oscars, Parasite will begin to hit American theaters starting October 11, 2019.