Bourne gets bumped for better box office


It is one hell of a crowded summer. So much so that even a massive franchise needs to watch where its going. While the Bourne series might be one of the biggest action franchises out there it seems it’s still a little scared of the big ol’ bat. The Bourne Legacy has shifted away from a Aug. 3 opening to an Aug. 10 opening to better avoid the blackhole of the box office, The Dark Knight Returns. With the third Batman film sucking up any and all money for movie theaters for at least two weeks after its July 20 release this is probably a good movie.

The shift also gives the Bourne relaunch, starring Jeremy Renner, a bit of space from Total Recall as well, as they were both scheduled fro the same day of release. Considering the two films have pretty much the same audience one its a smart move.

It just goes to show what an action heavy summer we’re having this year (even more so than most years) as a massive franchise has now been shoved even later into August, which is usually a month that houses the lesser summer blockbusters. Good for us, not so great for Bourne.

Matthew Razak
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