Box Office Numbers: A Song of Ice and Fire


Last week after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set fire to all of the theaters, I had predicted that it still had another week sitting at number one despite a new Disney Princess film hitting last weekend. You know what? I was right! Catching Fire managed to hold strong even if Disney’s Frozen turned out to be their best effort in years. 

As for other releases, Homefront is firmly in the middle, Black Nativity and Philomena had cracked the top ten, and the Oldboy remake? Didn’t even make $2 million dollars. We unfortunately couldn’t review it here because one, it’s not showing in my city, and two, no one other than me had enough interest to go hunting for it. Sorry!

Next week we have limited releases on a few indie films, so I’m going to predict Frozen taking the top spot as it gains steam as Catching Fire dies down. 

[via Rentrak]

Demi Lovato - Let It Go (From 'Frozen') [Official] Music Video

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  – $74,500,000

2. Frozen – $66,713,000

3. Thor: The Dark World  – $11,108,000

4. The Best Man Holiday – $8,490,595

5. Homefront – $6,970,000

6. Delivery Man – $6,931,000

7. The Book Thief – $4,850,000

8. Black Nativity – $3,880,000

9. Philomena – $3,789,000

10. Last Vegas – $4,400,000