Box Office Numbers: #FAMILY


As of this writing, I’ve yet to see Furious 7 for myself. As I predicted forever ago, Walker’s untimely demise drew an insane amount of people to the film’s premiere over the weekend. It’s sadly going to be the best performer in the series going forward, but with what Matt’s review said, and the positive vibes coming from people who’ve seen it already, the film is worth every cent. 

Raking in over $143 million, it’s the ninth highest grossing opener ever, it’s Jason Statham’s highest grossing film, and made $384 million worldwide. It’s the power of #FAMILY, everybody. 

Hit the jump for the box office performances for the April Fools weekend. 

[via Rentrak]

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Furious 7 Soundtrack]

1. Furious 7 – $143,623,480

2. Home – $27,400,000

3. Get Hard – $12,925,000

4. Cinderella – $10,289,000

5. Insurgent  – $10,000,000

6. It Follows – $2,465,000

7. Woman in Gold – $2,004,000

8. Kingsman: The Secret Service – $1,700,000

9. Do You Believe? – $1,500,000

10. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – $1,000,000