Box Office Numbers: Rock em’ Sock ’em


With Ides of March is the only other major national release this weekend, Real Steel was basically a lock to win the weekend. Everything I read about it says it’s a lot better than any of the trailers led me to believe. Or maybe it’s exactly as crappy as I think. I don’t know. I’ll wind up seeing it eventually, no doubt, but I’m knee deep in Star Wars these days.

I’m surprised that 50/50 is hanging on as well as it is, what with being an R-rated comedy in kind of an off season. It’s one of my favorites of the year, so far, so I’m hoping it continues to make billions in currency.

[Via Box Office Mojo]

1. Real Steel — $27,300,000

2. The Ides of March –$10,400,000

3. Dolphin Tale — $9,160,000

4. Moneyball — $7,500,000

5. 50/50 –$5,500,000

6. Courageous — $4,600,000

7. The Lion King — $4,552,000

8. Dream House — $4,500,000

9. What’s Your Number? $2,845,000

10. Abduction — $2,150,000