Box Office Numbers: The Money Bunny


I can’t rightly comprehend why HOP needs to spell its title in all caps. I know the whole “Let’s be creative with our typography!” thing isn’t new, but it seems especially strange in the case of HOP. I think it’s because it reminds me of IHOP, which makes me hungry, which just makes me confused. I don’t want to eat your movie, silly little rabbit.

Audiences did eat up this movie this weekend though, with Source Code coming in at a distant but still respectable second. Can’t really ask for a lot more than that, can we?

While you check out all the box office results below, let’s take a moment to honor Mars Needs Moms. It’s gone now, forever. How will we carry on?

1. HOP — $38,188,140

2. Source Code — $15,053,000

3. Insidious — $13,495,510

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules — $10,200,000

5. Limitless — $9,402,000

6. The Lincoln Lawyer — $7,050,000

7. Sucker Punch — $6,085,000

8. Rango — $4,560,000

9. Paul — $4,335,000

10. Battle: Los Angeles — $3,500,000

Source: Rentrack