Brad Pitt’s company bids for Chilean miner story


At this point there’s no question that there will be a Chilean miner movie — the only variables are who does it and when. Well, it looks like Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, has a fairly good foot in the door. The Wrap reports that intermediaries for Pitt’s company have already made two trips to Chile, with another on the way to try and secure the rights for the story.

The miners, who have wisely decided to create a holding company to give every miner an equal stake in such deals, have reportedly already received a multi-million dollar offer from Pitt’s production company. This looks like good news for movie fans, as Plan B has a fairly good track record and some very high profile projects (The Tree of Life, World War Z) in the pipeline.

The Chilean miners’ epic tale, although now beaten to death by the twenty-four hour news channels, deserves to have a quality treatment. Just look at what can happen when a great team gets behind a compelling true story, like in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. Pure movie win could be a definite possibility.

[Via The Wrap]