Bradley Cooper speaks French, women everywhere faint


This video of Bradley Cooper speaking in fluent – swoon worthy – French has been popping up all over the internet today. Mainly because Bradley Cooper is already pretty good-looking, but when someone who is already attractive goes on television wearing a navy suit and speaks without hesitation in the king of all romance languages, people (especially Francophiles like me) love it.

Cooper was in France promoting The Hangover 2, titled Very Bad Trip 2 in French, and while he was there he spoke in his surprisingly amazing French with the French press about how he learned to speak the language when he studied abroad in Aix en Provence, France and had to learn to speak French because his host family did not speak English. Oh, and he probably talks about The Hangover 2 or something too. But mon dieu, does he look nice when he’s speaking French!

[via The Hollywood Reporter]