Bryan Singer reveals more about Days of Future Past


Bryan Singer chatted about some new details around Days of Future Past at a special Q&A at the Fantasia International Film Festival. He revealed that a young William Stryker will feature in the film (played by Josh Helman, because, you know, the cast couldn’t get any bigger) and put to rest some rumors around Xavier’s return. He has justified Professor X’s resurrection by saying “he transferred his consciousness and could possibly construct a body around that consciousness.” Huh. I guess that makes sense given the ending of The Last Stand?

Characters coming back from death is pretty much comic book normality and, well, Days of Future Past, being the monumental story it is, wouldn’t be complete with Xaiver. Singer’s rationale for bringing back Xavier seems sound with me. The featuring of another younger Stryker, however, has me a bit on hedge. I don’t want it to turn into the Wolverine show for the third time, he’ll be the one travelling between time periods anyway apparently. We’ll have to see what else Singer has in story when Days of Future Past launches next year.