Captain America is the summer’s last hope for superheroes


Thor was merely ok. Green Lantern was disappointing. X-Men First Class was surprisingly good! However, in this writer’s opinion, we’ve yet to have a resounding superhero movie success this summer, in spite of the glut of them crammed down our collective throats. Will Captain America: The Stupid Subtitle salvage this comic book geek’s summer? Damn, I hope so. These pictures from the film, releasing July 22nd, are looking real cool. The money shot is our first non-poster, non-trailer screencap of the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). God damn, but he looks good. 

We also get our first look at Toby Jones as Dr. Arnim Zola. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t look a lot like Arnim Zola from the comics, who is basically a large headless robot displaying his real face with a television in his stomach. Seriously. I also like the look of the Hydra army, who are evidently deciding the normal one-handed Nazi salute just isn’t good enough for them. Anyway, check out the other pictures in the gallery, and tell me what you think. Excited for Captain America, or do you think it’s going the way of the 1990 version?

[Via Marvel]