Casting for dwarfs begins for Snow White & the Huntsman


Casting has begun for Snow White and the Huntsman‘s eight dwarfs. Yes, eight, I’ll get to that in a second. The actors being cast are surprisingly not little people, but instead the movie will be following Peter Jackson’s example and through digital (and camera) magics, the actors playing dwarfs will appear shorter than they actually are.

Just who is being cast to play the dwarfs? Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Toby Jones, and (hold on to your butts!) our dear friend Bob Hoskins! Click below the jump to see who is going to be playing what role, since Huntsman will be departing from the familiar seven emotionally-shallow dwarfs we all know and love.

[via /Film]

These are the eight roles outlined in the script for the Huntsman, and the actors that are either officially cast or are currently in talks to appear. All of the dwarfs are named after Roman rulers.

  • Caesar: the eldest, with the longest beard – Ian McShane
  • Nero: the angry one (LOL) (Just kidding, love you Niero!)
  • Tiberius: the biggest and burliest – Eddie Izzard
  • Hadrian and Trajan: the twins.
  • Constantine: solemn and blind – Bob Hoskins
  • Claudius: the timid one – Toby Jones
  • Gus: young, un-bearded, seemingly smitten with Snow White

Eddie Marsan and Stephen Graham are also in talks to play dwarfs, but we don’t know for which roles yet.