Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 movie will actually be released


I’m not sure if this is hilarious or offensive or something else entirely, but a Charlie Sheen led film about 9/11 is coming out. The sheer idea of Sheen in any movie that isn’t a satirical commentary on the man’s own existence is pretty absurd, but him being in a film about a group of people trapped in an elevator in the North Tower of the World Trade Center when the attack occurs? That’s just feels wrong on about 100 levels, especially since Sheen is a known skeptic (idiot) about what happened on 9/11.

The film’s release date, which is the reason we’re reporting on this now, is set for September 8 so that the movie will be an affront to our eyes at the exact time when it shouldn’t be. With the director of National Lampoon’s Cattle Call and My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception helming and co-writing the feature there is very, very little chance that this will be anything but stupendously bad. Something tells me he doesn’t have the deft touch needed to tackle this subject. 

Let’s not be remiss in mocking the on-the-nose presentation of the poster and the fact that they’re actually calling the movie 9/11. Subtlety has already gone out the door so what hope is there for the film?

[via Punch Drunk Critics]

Matthew Razak
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