Check out the new trailer for comedy-horror Wolf of Snow Hollow


Thunder Road director Jim Cummings has today dropped the trailer for his new horror, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and with hundreds of other fans I am absolutely here for it. 

Cummings, who wrote, directed and starred in the criminally underrated Thunder Road, reworks the troubled, small-town cop material, this time into a dark comedy/thriller/horror. He leads the film as officer John Marshall, the small mountain town’s guardian, opposite Riki Lindhome (Gilmore Girls, Knives Out) and the late Robert Forster, in one of his last performances, as Sheriff Hadley.

The director announced the release on Twitter earlier today, accompanied by a trailer and striking artwork. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which Cummings spoke highly about his co-stars, he also gave an insight into his character, John Marshall:

“He is just a complete bulldozer and asshole and doesn’t listen to the people around him. That’s how we introduce the guy. He’s at AA and he sounds like a murderer. He talks about driving a forklift through his ex-wife’s house. 

“He starts to believe that there is a serial killer in town and everybody else starts to believe that there’s a werewolf. He has to convince everybody in his circle that there’s no such thing as werewolves, which is something that he thinks should have gone without saying. And it becomes progressively more intense.”

Filmed in rural Utah, Snow Hollow is a half-comic take on the werewolf movie — you might find similarities to The Babysitter in its lunacy, and I defy you not to laugh out loud at deadpan one-liners in the trailer. The Wolf of Snow Hollow is distributed via Orion Pictures and is set for a theatrical and VOD release on 9 October.

Source: Twitter, Entertainment Weekly

Sian Francis Cox
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