Check out these new, goofy Power Rangers movie posters


Power Rangers may be hitting theaters in a little over six months, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for it forever. Make fun all you want, but it’s a big deal for me and a lot of  folks my age. 

Along with these posters that tease goofy, Transformers looking zords is the news that Lionsgate is holding a Power Rangers panel at New York Comic Con in a few weeks (along with something else cool). Naturally, since I’ll be attending this year, it’s my one personal mission. We’ll most likely get our first, in motion look at the film and that’s going to make or break it for me. Because as much as I go back and forth over the new look, I’m kind of in love with how stupid it all is. The original show is dumb, and seeing the new Billy lounging on a giant Triceratops is admittedly a good sign. Same goes for the giant “GO GO” in the poster. Also, the pink ranger’s shade of pink is kind of dope. 

All the new trailer needs to do to succeed is have some footage playing over some kind of rearrangement of the old TV theme (I’ll even take the cheap slow piano schtick from that first Ghostbusters trailer). Check out the new posters in the gallery below. 

Power Rangers releases March 27th next year.