Chris Nolan and Rian Johnson discuss Interstellar


I wasn’t a massive fan of Interstellar, with its insistence on hard sci-fi not meshing ultimately undermining the eventual shift to thematically resonant fantasy, but as a sci-fi film with ambition, I still care about it deeply. So, much to my delight, soundcloud user TheBigKahoona has uploaded an interview between Nolan and Rian Johnson of Looper fame.

The interview is fascinating, discussing Nolan’s meticulous method of shooting, the lengths the crew went to use practical sets, the gestation of the project as a Jonathan Nolan script, and the way he was able to craft the score he wanted. It’s only 30 minutes long, and as somewhat of an Intersetllar naysayer, it made me appreciate it more, and want to see it another time.

If you too want to catch Interstellar, you’ve got one last chance at 3PM, this Sunday, when AMC Theatres will be showing An Encore Of Interstellar: The Imax Experience. In addition to the movie, it will include 12 minutes of behind the scenes footage. To see if your local theatre is participating, then you can find the list here.

[via Collider]