Christoph Waltz joins Bond 24 cast


Think of an actor that you’d like to see as a Bond villain because it’s like they were born to play a Bond villain. Was it Christoph Waltz? It should have been. And since you did think of him you’ll be excited to hear that Waltz will be joining Dave Bautista to go up against Daniel Craig’s Bond in the next Bond film. 

Now it’s actually not quite clear if he’ll be a villain or not, though his part is “significant.” Word is that it isn’t immediately apparent if he’s friend or foe, but come one. The guy is practically a walking Bond villain with his unique look and accent. If he isn’t evil they’ll definitely be playing with his ability to be evil to try to pull a twist on us. Plus, someone else on the set reportedly called the character both “extremely cunning” and “a nemesis of sorts.” Hmmm, nemesis you say? Blofeld possibly?

[via Daily Mail]

Matthew Razak
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