Christopher Robin is all grown up in the Christopher Robin teaser


I may be chugging along through my fourth decade alive, but that doesn’t stop me from giving names and voices to the many stuffed animals my significant other and myself have accumulated over the years. It seems that somewhere along the way to becoming an adult, young Christopher Robin grew up and forgot to talk to his stuffed friends. That’s where Disney’s next movies aimed at an older audience picks up the reigns and tells a new story in the saga of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

Starring the ever wonderful Ewan McGregor in the titular role, Christopher Robin will tell the story of a middle-aged Robin who has left his furry friends and imagination behind for an adult life. Starring alongside McGregor will be Hayley Atwell as Robin’s wife, and Mark Gatiss as Robin’s boss. On the voice acting side of the cast, Jim Cummings will reprise his role as the bear who loves honey, with an all-new cast of well-known actors voicing the other Hundred Acre Wood characters.

This could go either way for me, I personally love stories of children who had an active childhood all grown up in the harsh reality of the world but judging from the teaser and the fact that it is Disney putting it out I think this will be more uplifting than world-crushing. Christopher Robin will be directed by Marc Forster which could be good since he directed Stranger than Fiction, or it could be horrendous because he directed World War Z. I’d like to believe this is going to be good but we shall have to see.

There are some reports that the movie will come out in August of this year but the teaser states it is coming soon so no release date is concrete just yet.

Christopher Robin Official Teaser Trailer


Anthony Marzano
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